Adoption Date: 5/2/1989, Revised: 11/19/1991; 7/19/94; 8/08/95; 2/2/99; 6/20/00; 10/3/06; 12/20/16


District's needs may sometimes require temporary appointments. The terms of these appointments shall be defined by the Board of Education on a case by case basis.

Student Teachers

The Brockport Central School District shall cooperate with teacher training institutions in the placement of student teachers in order to provide beginning teachers with the best possible student teaching experience.

Student teachers shall be protected from liability for negligence or other acts resulting in accidental injury to any person by the School District, as provided by law.

Substitute Teachers

The District will maintain a list of qualified substitute teachers who may be called to substitute for classroom teachers who are absent. Every reasonable effort will be made by District officials to secure a substitute, and other professional staff will not be asked to assume the duties of absent teachers except in emergencies. Generally the district will seek certified staff to fill such vacancies.

Substitute teachers fall into two categories and will be compensated as follows:

  1. a) Itinerant Substitutes or day to day substitutes who are assigned on a day to day basis to take the place of a regular teacher.
  2. The per diem substitute rate is set at $90 per day and $95 per day for those persons who substituted 40 or more days in the previous school year.
  3. The per diem substitute rate shall be $105 per day for persons who substitute 6 or more (continuous and unbroken service) days in the same assignment regardless of the number of days of substitute service in the previous year. Substitutes will be compensated at the higher rate of $105 per day on the first day of such service when at the outset it can be predicted with reasonable certainty that the substitute will be working in the same assignment for 6 or more days. Per diem substitutes who retired from the Brockport Central Schools shall be compensated at the higher rate of $100 per day regardless of the number of days of substitute service in the previous year.
  4. Per diem district substitutes may be hired between the dates of October 1st and May 31st to work each day schools are in session. The substitute rate of pay for these per diem district substitutes shall be $110 per day.
  5. Per diem substitutes, district substitutes, and any other employee who works in the district who is not otherwise covered by a contract or policy providing health coverage shall be offered Simply Blue Bronze Plan. Those individuals shall be responsible for 100% of the cost of the Plan should he/she elect such coverage.
  6. b) Regular Substitutes or long term substitutes who are assigned on a long term basis to take the place of a regular teacher or other member of the professional staff.
  7. After serving as a substitute in the same position for ten (10) consecutive weeks (50 consecutive work days) the individual will be placed on the salary schedule by the Superintendent of Schools. If the District has advance knowledge that the substitute teacher will serve for more than ten weeks in the same position, the Superintendent of Schools may place the substitute on the salary schedule at the beginning of his/her long term substitute service.
  8. Fringe benefits as available to regular teachers shall be available to regular (full-time) substitutes but not to itinerant substitutes.

This policy will be evaluated at the end of the fiscal year and re-evaluated at the reorganization meeting.

Policy References:

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