Adoption Date: 2/27/1996, Revised: 6/20/2000; 12/7/04; 12/5/06; 02/01/11; 1/17/17


The District provides a variety of communications equipment for the purpose of conducting its business including but not limited to FAX machines, cellular phones, and telephones. The District recognizes that from time to time employees may have a need to use telephones and other telecommunications equipment for personal reasons during work hours. Such use of District equipment is permitted so long as, in the judgment of the District, it does not unreasonably interfere with the employee's job duties or cause undue expense to the District.

The District, in its sole discretion, will assign cell phones to employees whose jobs require the use of a cell phone. The type of phone (two way, cellular or data) to be issued to an employee will be determined by the Superintendent or his/her designee based on the employee's position in the District and whether the responsibilities of that position require the use of such equipment. Employees who are assigned cell phones or smartphones (which have Internet and data capacity) will be billed a monthly fee as determined by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee for incidental personal cell phone use. Cell phones that are limited to two-way radio communication will be provided to employees at no charge due to limited capacity.

Some employees may choose to use their own personal cellular phone for District business. In those instances, the District shall pay employees eligible for a school issued phone a reasonable stipend for the use of the employee’s personal phone. The amount of the stipend will depend on the employee’s position and the type of phone plan (cellular or data) for which the employee is eligible.

The District may review telephone bills and employees may be billed for excessive use.

The violation of this policy may result in discipline including discharge.

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