Adoption Date: 9/1/1992, Revised: 7/19/1994; 6/20/00; 2/25/2014; 1/5/16; 12/18/18 


Nonresident Students
Persons who otherwise are entitled to a public education but who do not reside legally within the Brockport Central School District may be admitted to District schools upon written application on a District-provided form and upon payment of tuition, provided they are admissible under the criteria set forth in the District's regulations.

Nonresident students are required to pay tuition at a rate determined annually by the Board of Education. If the parents/guardians of a nonresident student own property within the District, the amount of school tax paid by the parent/guardian must be deducted from the tuition bill.

Exceptions to Payment of Tuition
In order to ensure the educational continuity of students whose parents or guardians enter or move from the District after the beginning of a school year, such nonresident students will be permitted to attend District schools under the following circumstances:

a) A students in Kindergarten through eleventh grade whose family moves out of the District during the first semester may complete the first semester on a non-tuition basis. If the student wishes to complete the second semester, he/she may do so only after paying tuition. If the parents or guardians move from the District during the second semester, the student may complete that semester on a non-tuition basis. Such nonresident students shall not be permitted to attend Brockport schools after the end of the school year during which their parents or guardians move from the District.

b) A students who is in or entering twelfth grade when his/her parents move from the District may complete that school year on a non-tuition basis.

Families of all nonresident students must provide transportation for the nonresident student.

Policy References:

Education Law Sections 1709(13), 2045 and 3202
8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) 
Section 174.2

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