Adoption Date: 1/20/2004, Revised: 1/16/2007; 1/5/16



The Brockport Central School District endorses its responsibility to educate homeless children under its jurisdiction according to the terms of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act and, more specifically, of the New York State commissioner’s regulation associated with that act.

The district will assure and protect the following general rights of homeless children, subject to the more specific terms set forth in the commissioner’s regulation. Homeless children have the right to:

  • a free, appropriate education
  • immediate enrollment in the district school chosen by an authorized designator (parents, director of a residential program, or the child in conjunction with the district liaison)
  • continuing enrollment pending the receipt of required documentation such as school records, medical or immunization records, proof of residency or other documentation
  • continuing enrollment pending the outcome of any dispute regarding eligibility to attend
  • continuing enrollment despite changes in temporary residences, as governed by the terms of the commissioner’s regulation
  • access to all educational, co-curricular, or other district programs on an equal basis with non-homeless students
  • access to and support for transportation to and from the designated school subject to the terms of the commissioner’s regulation
  • access to full information regarding their rights as homeless children. (Parents of or persons responsible for homeless children also have this right)
  • active support from the district’s designated liaison for homeless children in safeguarding these rights and the rights of parents based on the best interest of the child
  • wherever possible, protection from any stigmatization associated with being homeless
  • all other rights guaranteed by the law and regulation

District Liaison for Homeless Children

The superintendent will designate a district liaison for homeless children. The liaison will:

  • work with parents, other authorities, agencies, and schools, and the homeless child himself to assure his rights are upheld and protected and to expedite enrollment in an appropriate school and program
  • assist parents and the child in obtaining immunizations, medical or immunization records, or other required documentation
  • coordinate with state officials responsible for homeless children
  • maintain required records regarding homeless children and prepare and submit required reports
  • inform school personnel, service providers, and advocates working with homeless families of the liaison’s duties
  • raise awareness about homeless children among school personnel working with them, and provide training as needed
  • seek to resolve any dispute regarding a homeless child’s rights of attendance or other rights, or, in the alternative, conduct dispute settlement procedures and assure they are followed properly and expeditiously
  • coordinate district efforts to reach out to homeless families and children

Dispute Resolution

The superintendent will establish procedures for the prompt resolution of disputes regarding entitlement of a child to attend a designated district school. Procedures will follow the guidelines set forth in the commissioner’s regulation, including timely notification to parents and/or the child of district determinations, of the right to appeal to the commissioner, of appeal procedures, and of timelines.

A child whose case is under dispute will remain enrolled in the designated school pending the final outcome of the dispute, including all appeals. Parents and/or the child will have thirty (30) days to appeal a district decision of ineligibility, during which time the child will remain enrolled.

Policy References:
McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act, as reauthorized by the No Child Left Behind Act
of 2001, 42 United States Code (USC) Section 11431 et seq.
Education Law Sections 902(b) and 3209
8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Section 100.2(x)


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