Adoption Date: 12/3/1985, Revised: 7/19/1994; 6/20/00; 02/05/2013; 1/19/16


The Board of Education acknowledges its responsibility to protect the educational climate of the District and to promote responsible student behavior. Accordingly, the Board has adopted the Brockport Code of Conduct. Pursuant to Education Law, the Code of Conduct governs student behavior as well as the behavior of all persons on school grounds and/or at school-sponsored activities. The Superintendent will assure that the Code is reviewed and updated as needed at least annually in collaboration with staff, students, and parents.

Additional rules, regulations and procedures may appear in building-level handbooks and in other Board of Education policies.

In general, the Board expects the District’s student discipline program to reflect the following components:

  1. Penalties for behavioral infractions will be consistent with the Code of Conduct and appropriate to the seriousness of the offense and to the previous disciplinary record of the student;
  2. Procedures to involve professional staff, parents, and students in the early identification and prevention of disciplinary problems;
  3. Alternate educational programs appropriate to individual student needs;
  4. Guidelines and in-service programs for staff to ensure effective implementation of discipline policies and practices.

The district will seek to communicate the terms of the Code of Conduct broadly throughout the school community. The district will provide all teachers with a copy of the Code at the beginning of the school year or upon employment. The district will also provide a summary of the Code to all students and parents at the beginning of each school year. The full Code will be available for review by students, parent, other staff and community members at any time.

Discipline of Students with Disabilities

The Board recognizes that it may be necessary to suspend, remove or otherwise discipline students with disabilities to address disruptive or problem behavior. The Board also recognizes that students with disabilities have the benefit of certain procedural protections whenever school authorities intend to impose discipline upon them. The Board is committed to ensuring that the procedures followed for suspending, removing or otherwise disciplining students with disabilities are consistent with the procedural safeguards required by applicable laws and regulations.

This policy affords students with disabilities subject to disciplinary action no greater or lesser rights than those expressly afforded by applicable federal and state law and regulations.

Policy References:
8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations

(NYCRR) Section 100.2(1)

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