Adoption Date: 6/20/2000, Revised: 5/20/2003; 4/20/04; 9/5/06; 1/5/16


Fund raising projects in which students sell merchandise, provide services, or in other ways solicit money for school activities may be sponsored by school organizations with the express approval of the Building Principal. Any such plan shall have a clearly defined purpose and, in general, shall contribute to the educational experience of students and shall not conflict with instructional programs or state mandates. Fund raising activities away from school property shall be held to a minimum.

Door-to-door sales are strongly discouraged. All materials must have district approval when the fundraising is scheduled and administration has the authority to prevent distribution of materials if they are different from materials that were approved. Non-participation in fund raising will not prohibit a student from the educational benefit of the activity. No fund raising activity will be approved where a conflict of interest, with any district employee, exists.

Fund raising should never be used to defray a portion of the District's educational program. At no time should a student's participation in an educational activity include such sales or fees. In addition, it is imperative that employees not deposit the proceeds of any legitimate sales activity in their own personal accounts. These activities may jeopardize a student's right to participate in the educational program on a tuition and/or fee-free basis. Further, employees engaged in such activities may be held personally liable.

Policy References:
New York State Constitution, Article 8, Section 1
Education Law Section 414
8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations (NYCRR)
Section 19.6

Policy Cross References:

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