Opening Day 2015

What if

This year we are challenging ourselves, along with our students and our community, to disrupt the status quo and ask the question, “what if?” This idea of starting fresh, of not only thinking outside the box, but completely redefining the box, is the concept of “disruptive innovation.” We hope the conversation which started on Opening Day will continue throughout the school year.

Opening Day 2015
"What If?"


Service Anniversary Award Recipients

10 years

Colleen Baker, School Nurse
Jeanmary Day, School Nurse
Kimberly DeCoste, Special Education Teacher
Mark Dowdell, Science Teacher
Kimberly Gill, Assistant Cook
Corey Johnson, Elementary Teacher
Charles Kinsey, Social Studies Teacher
Pamela Lashbrook, ELA Teacher
James Liptak, Math Teacher
Catherine Mangan, Librarian
Natalie McCue, Elementary Teacher
Christopher Mosher, Cleaner
Colleen Parker, School Psychologist
Becki Place, Music Teacher
Dawn Siragusa, ELA Teacher
Cathy Schillaci, Special Education Teacher

15 Years

Joan Goldman, Cafeteria Monitor
Christopher Arnold, Social Studies Teacher
Christopher Beyrle, Social Studies Teacher
Cherie Black, Assistant User Support Specialist
Lesa Bo, LOTE Teacher
Ritajo Brindle, Special Education Teacher
Cheryl Cook, Bus Driver
Kelly Coon, Occupational Therapist
Casey Coon, Technology Teacher
Kelly Emerson, Instructional Coach
Elaine Farrand, ELA Teacher
Matthew Geary, Social Studies Teacher
Angela Gebbie, Occupational Therapist
Kum Kum Hasnat, Teacher Aide
Kevin Hegadorn, Custodial Assistant
Cindy Herzog, Bus Driver
Brian Hoch, Elementary Teacher
Jason Kent, Bus Driver
Diane LaFrance, Elementary Teacher
Christina Latronica, Special Education Teacher
Dom Laure, Asst. Coordinator Tech Systems
Michael LeSchander, Elementary Teacher
Pamela Leverenz, Cook Manager
Brian McCue, Science Teacher
Jennifer Moore, Special Education Teacher
William Morrissey, Science Teacher
Jeffrey Phillips, Security Worker
Michelle Purcell, Elementary Teacher
Kim Putnam, Teacher Aide
Kathleen Rhoades, Home & Careers Teacher
John ("Mike") Richardson, Elementary Teacher
Tracy Robb, Elementary Teacher
Katherine Robertson, PE Teacher
Susan Rowcliffe, ELA Teacher
Joseph Rugari, Math/AIS Teacher
Karen Russell, Bus Driver
Diane Rutherford, Special Education Teacher
Karen Shaffer, Custodial Assistant
Kristy Sherman, PE Teacher
Michael Sorce, Bus Driver
Jeffrey Staub, Grounds Equipment Operator
Scott Stepanek, Social Studies Teacher
Laurie Torrence, PE Teacher
Kimberly Yauchzee, Special Education Teacher
Kim Zorn, Reading/AIS Teacher
20 Years
Lisa Ciufo-Burgio, Assistant Cook
Neil Czerniak III, Social Studies Teacher
Gordon DiBattisto, Technology Teacher
Betty Fox, Office Clerk III
Madeline Mcfiggins, Teacher Aide
Audra Naujokas-Knapp, School Psychologist
Frank Panaro, Lead Asst. Coordinator Tech Systems Support
Sharon Scholand, Bus Driver
Maryann Vaccarelli, Cook
25 Years
Mary Katherine Andriatch, Reading/AIS Teacher
Karen Cottom, Elementary Teacher
Sharon Denton, Cleaner
Michael Evancho, LOTE Teacher
Deborah Fogg, Hall Monitor
Karen Guy, Art Teacher
Penny Koss, Bus Driver
Marcia Leverenz, Bus Driver
Sheila McGarvey, Special Education Teacher
Rose Palmer, Office Clerk IV
Kris Regan, Special Education Teacher
Anne Schrader, Special Education Teacher
Roseann Schram, Teacher Aide
Mary Elizabeth Schuth, Elementary Teacher
Nancy Welch, Teacher Aide
30 Years
Michael Corey, Head Custodian
Daniel Izzo, ELA Teacher
Archer Noble, Enrichment Specialist
Linda Socha, Library Assistant
Donald Voorheis, Acting Assistant Principal
Dale Zahn, School Aide
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