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Sex Offender Information

Sex Offender Notifications

From time to time the District receives information from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office when a registered sex offender moves into the District. We immediately notify all District security staff and Building Administrators so they are aware of the presence of these offenders. Parents can help by educating their children on personal safety techniques as well as keeping informed of the current location of registered sex offenders in their area.

New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services maintains a Sex Offender Registry on the Internet. You are encouraged to regularly check the registry at Division of Criminal Justice Services for updated notifications in our District and surrounding towns. Zip codes included in BCSD are: 14420, 14464, 14468, 14428, 14459, 14470 and 14416. Since offenders may move frequently, these web sites will provide the most updated information.

School safety and security is the responsibility of everyone. It is important to be aware of your surroundings and report anything that you feel is "out of place" or "suspicious," so it can be investigated by Safety and Security personnel.

Please remember the School District also has a Safety Tipline to report any activity that can potentially put students, staff or our school property at risk. Call 1-877-453-0006 or report online at BCSD Safety Tipline. You may also contact the Director of Security at (585) 637-1987.