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ACL Injury Reduction

ACL Injury Reduction

ACL Reduction Strategy 1 - Active Warm-up

A good warm-up is the first step in the ACL reduction program. Guess what, a good warm-up is the first step in any program. A proper warm-up develops single-leg strength, dynamic flexibility, and increases proprioception. The key to the best active warm-up exercises is that they activate one muscle while elongating another.

  • High Knee Walk
  • Leg Cradle
  • Walking Heel to Butt
  • Back Lunge
  • Stationary Spiderman x8/leg
  • Inchworm

Reduction Strategy 2 - Develop Stability/Eccentric Strength

If active warm-up is the first step, the development of stability and eccentric strength is the most important step. Most programs concentrate too much on jumping and not enough on hopping. It is critical to understand that a jump and a hop are not the same. The key to injury reduction is developing the ability to land on one leg. Eccentric strength is the ability to land properly.

  • Squat Jump & Stick x8
  • Hops (Right to Right/Left to Left)
    • Forward x4/leg
    • Medially x4/leg
    • Laterally x4/leg
  • Forward Bounding length of court and back
  • Lateral Bound & Stick x4/leg
  • Skip length of court and back


Phase 1

  • Forward Box Jumps 2x5
  • Forward Box Hops x5/side
  • Medial Box Hops x5/side
  • Lateral Box Hops x5/side

Phase 2

  • Forward Hurdle Jump & Stick 2x5
  • Forward Hurdle Hop & Stick x5/side
  • Medial/Lateral Hurdle Hop & Stick x3/side

Phase 3

  • Forward Hurdle Jump & Bounce 2x5
  • Forward Hurdle Hop & Bounce x5/side
  • Medial/Lateral Hurdle Hop & Bounce x3/side

Phase 4

  • Continuous Forward Hurdle Jump 2x5
  • Continuous Forward Hurdle Hop x5/side
  • Continuous Medial/Lateral Hurdle Hop x3/side

Reduction Strategy 3 – Strength Development

  • Bodyweight Squat 2x8
  • Bodyweight Squat Jumps 2x8
  • Bodyweight Lateral Bound 2x8/side
  • Bodyweight Step Up 2x8/side
  • Bodyweight Single Leg Deadlift 2x8/side
  • Stability Ball Hamstring Curl 2x8